Growing Number of Parents Homeschooling

by Larry Little

Many schools in East Texas are recognized by the state for academic excellence, but all of this recognition is not enough for some parents in East Texas and they are pulling their children out of the public school system and education them at home. "Public education failed me and it failed my husband and that was 20 years ago," says Lylekay Grimes.

Grimes says it won't happen to her children.   Two years ago, she took her daughter out of the public school system in East Texas and now she home schools.   "Times have changed when you have a gun detector at the front door of the school. You can't be relaxed, you can't learn if you aren't relaxed or if you are scared or worried about what someone is saying about you or what they are going to do to you," says Grimes. She believes public schools spend too much time on TAKS test preparation and the classrooms have too many students. Her children now enjoy the one on one attention of learning at home. "The best thing I like about home schooling is math and my mom teaching me because I don't like other teachers to teach me because they show me different things," says 7 year old Karen Grimes.

The Grimes family is like many in East Texas who have decided to home school Lufkin administrators respect the choice, but don't like it. "My take on home schooling is parents have choices and they have rights. I would prefer parents enroll their children in public school because here in Lufkin we have fine schools and greatest teachers in the nation but parents do have the right to make those choices," says L.I.S.D. Assistant Superintendent Johnny Giles.

Administrators and homeschoolers agree parents should do what is best for the child, when making the choice on how the child will be educated.