Graduation Night

No matter what their GPA or ranking 319 Nacogdoches High School seniors have one accomplishment in common. They're high school graduates. Senior Eren McMichael said, "It's been in my family for awhile. My mom always said, 'Your going to graduate.' So I said, 'Okay'. So I got a scholarship, so I'm going to college."

She won't be alone. The most recent statistics show that over 264,000  seniors graduated in 2005 in Texas. Over 88,000 enrolled in a four year university. The class of 2006 is expected to not be much different. Valedictorian Sam Stripling said, "The general trend over the last few years is more and more people are going to college. You have a lot of incoming financial aid. There are a lot more colleges really."

Among them are junior colleges said senior counselor Rose Ammons. "One reason is because 4 year colleges have become so competitive. Students now begin at a 2 year college and they transfer in for the final 2 years of a 4 year university."

That saves money. So do scholarships.   Senior Natasha Berry said, "We got more opportunity now. We just need to take them. Test our luck." Scholarship recipients share this advice.   Senior Jenny Schmidt is in the National Honor Society. "Work hard, keep your GPA up and be in the honor society. It pays off."

There are about 50 students who will not be graduating because they didn't meet all the requirements, but administrators are confident their graduation day will eventually come. What's important is that all seniors, whether in August or on May 26th graduate from high school.