Avoiding an Unseen Danger this Holiday Weekend

By Larry Little

The Memorial Day weekend is upon us and some folks in East Texas will be spending a lot of time outside, but Virginia Luce hopes they will take a small fraction of their time to apply sunscreen. Virginia knows first hand, how damaging the sun can be. "It was just a little pink bump. It had no characteristics of skin cancer. It came up on my face and i watched it. It was growing slowly so i really didn't get concerned about it," says Virginia Luce.

Doctors removed the cancer, but it came back. Virginia is better now even after battling breat cancer earlier this year, but her outlook on life has changed. "Things I thought were so important like boating and recreation have kind of taken a back seat. There are other things that are more important now. I wanted to stay around and watch my granchildren get grown and the good lord has blessed me with that," says Luce.

So Virginia, who is also a nurse, wants to bless others and help them avoid skin cancer.   "Avoid the sun between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, use your sunscreen and if you're going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time put a hat on. Wear long sleeves, light weight clothing and cover yourself.   I know these young girls think they are beautiful when they go out and tan, but if they realized how much damage they are doing to themselves they wouldn't do it. Anytime your skin tans that's an indication of damage," says Luce.

Virginia says there is a misconception about who can get skin cancer. She says it light your skin is or how dark your skin is the sun does not discriminate.

For information go to www.skincancer.org .