Some Victims Wait Years to Report a Crime

Calling the police is usually the first move most crime victims make after they've been attacked, assaulted, or abused, but others wait months or even years to tell anyone.

Lufkin Police Lieutenant David Young said, "There are valid reasons for waiting to report a crime. A lot of that involves crime of a sexual nature where there's traumatic stress and causes a person a great deal of worry and concern and they're not sure what they should do."

No matter how long you wait to report a crime, authorities will always investigate - as long as it's within the statute of limitations - but police said the sooner you report a crime, the better.))

"Memories fade, evidence gets lost or misplaced or tainted; it just complicates the entire investigation the longer people wait to report crimes."

In Texas, three crimes do not have a statute of limitations: murder, manslaughter, and sexual assaults where DNA evidence was collected and submitted for forensic testing. That means these crimes can all be prosecuted years after they happen.

The statute of limitations for sexual assault of a child is ten years after that child's 18th birthday.