The 2006 Hurricane Season is Here

Red Cross volunteers and Lufkin city leaders have spent the past eight months since Rita going shelter to shelter to find out what went wrong during the last hurricane season. If another severe storm heads our way, 39 shelters will open in Angelina County, 30 of them will be in Lufkin.

Jeanie Miles, community recovery specialist for the American Red Cross, said, "We're trying to get some extra supplies in here to Lufkin to pre-position. That's a difficult thing to do as we don't have a lot of storage space, but we are working on getting some supplies pre-positioned at the shelters ahead of time."

Red Cross volunteers didn't have much breathing room between hurricane seasons. They went from response to recovery to preparation. City leaders also had a hard time getting ready for the next big storm.

"We learned that no matter how prepared you are, you're never thoroughly prepared for something like this, and to use our resources to the best ability and to use our volunteers to the best ability that we can," Miles said.

This year, the Shelter Reception Center at Lufkin High School will stay open after the storm. It will be a mobile rest stop for tired motorists. City leaders will also make sure all gas stations have plenty of fuel before the storm. They also plan to have portable fuel tanks at different locations throughout the city and possibly build a fuel depot to store large amounts of fuel.