Lake Naconiche Is Taking Shape

For the best view of the Lake Naconiche shoreline is atop the almost 365 foot dam.   That's where land agent George Perry Campbell took the newly formed Board of Parks Commissioners.  "We're looking up the reservoir as we look on a map. The cleared area we're looking at is part of the 250 acres of opened clear area." Yet with numerous channels and boat lanes the lake can cover over 12-hundred acres.

The Lake Naconiche dam should be completed by August. If everything goes as planned the water will be impounded beginning next spring. The creeks feeding the lake produce 14 million gallons of water a day. As it gently controls downstream flooding the lake could be full by late 2007.   Campbell said, "When it is released into the main stream into the Naconiche stream it goes around the wood line it's not just a rushing wall of water that will take all the trees and all out."

On the lake's north end is the proposed recreational area. The park commission has the job of park development and rules. Board chair Jimmy Mize said, "Any of the structures that will be in the water, the boat ramp, the pier, swimming area, all those things have to be planned and done as soon as possible." In a couple of weeks the board will meet with the Texas Parks and Wildlife for guidance. The goal is to start construction before September in order to utilize federal funding.

Nacogdoches County Commissioner for Precinct 1, Tom Bush anticipates a lot of visitors to his precinct. "With a 35 acre park site I think a lot of folks will come and visit and stay in the park. I believe it will help the motels, the restaurants, the convenience stores." A new farm to market road is almost complete ready to accommodate Lake Naconiche visitors.