East Texans Rally Against Alcohol Petition

"My seven year old brother was struck by a drunk driver," said Jack Williams. "After the driver had drug him for a hundred feet, he finally realized what he had done and he stopped. My brother lost his life."

Williams said his little brother's death is just one example of how alcohol destroys families, lives, and entire communities. That's why his new group, Angelina County Citizens for a Better Community, is speaking out against the petition circulating around Angelina County. A petition thousands of voters have signed to start alcohol sales there.

Pastor W. Jernigan, Sr. said, "I lost my father the year of 1986 by a drunk driver. He was crossing the streets from doing his chores and a drunk driver came along and killed him in the street."

The group said the organizers of the alcohol petition are giving out the wrong information and they want to set the record straight.

Williams said, "We have no idea where they got the $15 million sales revenue that will be generated, whether accurate or if they represent the truth. One of our goals is to first address that issue."

Another one of the group's goals is to find out how revenue from alcohol sales would be spent in Angelina County. Instead of boosting the economy, organizers believe a wet county eventually becomes less attractive to other types of retail business and they're afraid wetter neighborhoods would lead to higher levels of accidents and violence.

Angelina County Citizens for a Better Community is made up of faith-based and community leaders and Angelina County residents.