Slow Traffic At Times

Nacogdoches motorists are learning well about bottlenecks in the flow of traffic.   Construction at SFA has led to the closure of Carolyn, Baker, and East College Streets, as well as the west lane of Clark Street. Slow moving traffic is common on Starr avenue where big trucks block the roadway.   Nacogdoches Police Department's Sgt Greg Sowell said, "There's going to be a lot of delivery trucks, 18 wheelers, construction equipment. The public needs to be very mindful of these vehicles. There will be times these vehicles will be making an ingress or egress when there could be some traffic problems."

Banita Cleaners is on the corner of Carolyn and North Streets. The owner is protesting the inconvenience the street closure is causing customers and that no notification was given to property owners. Thursday during a North Street accident and a fire call businesses were blocked by traffic when cars had no access to side streets.