East Texas Man Survives Dangerous Trip

Terry Morgan is an avid hunter. The walls of his home are decorated with mounted animals. He recently returned from a hunting trip in Canada. "The third day we got up and actually started doing some hunting. We didn't see any bears, but we saw some tracks and I got very excited that afternoon the weather got worse," says Terry Morgan.

His bear hunting trip was also taking a turn for the worst. "We got up the next morning and packed up. They wanted to go a little farther out on the ice, west where they had seen some bears before. "We spent that night traveling, we went to bed that night. As far as I could see it was all solid ice.  We went to bed that night and dogs started barking early that morning," says Morgan.

The dogs were barking because Terry and his guide were on a sheet of ice that had broken apart and drifted into the ocean. "I was a little nervous said a lot of prayers. I could tell my guide was concerned about it," says Morgan.

They were rescued hours before the sheet of ice would have melted. Terry escaped this horrifying ordeal with his life but he didn't catch a bear and the next trip is up in the air.