FDA Wants Restaurants to Serve Smaller Portions

Most of us enjoy the "jumbo" sized meals we receive at restaurants like La Carreta.

But, health experts are worried about the impact these big servings have on our diets. The FDA is encouraging Americans to limit their intake of calories. And the agency wants restaurants to help, by cutting portion sizes.

Kacy Steinhauser, a La Carreta customer, said, "I think they should serve smaller portions because I always get the small or half order."

Restaurant managers understand the health benefits of decreasing portion sizes. But, most believe they will face drawbacks at the cash register, if they cut down the size of their meals.

Juan Gonzales, an assistant manager at La Carreta, said, "It's a good idea, if they're on a diet they can choose what they want.  But, for us, it's not good, if we serve smaller portions then the prices change, we're trying to sell as much as we can."

When Americans spend money to eat in a restaurant, they want to get what they pay for, which is why restaurant serving sizes keep increasing. But, it's a trend that's leading to obesity.

Lisa King, who is a registered nurse, said, "More is better, you don't want to leave it, and it is part of the problem that we're all into now."

Burgers, fries, and pizza are the top three eating out favorites in the United States.  That is why the FDA believes restaurants are in the best position to help fight obesity and improve diets.