Early Voting Ends in Lufkin

Mark Hicks and Rufus Duncan, Jr. are both native Lufkinites who plan to represent Ward 5 on the Lufkin city council.

Hicks is in the video production business. He has several goals for Lufkin if he wins the run-off race. He wants to bring life back to downtown and revitalize inner city Lufkin. He's already started remodeling some of the buildings in that area.

"I feel like Lufkin is a great place to live and I want to participate in growth," Hicks said. "As a young business owner, I feel like I've got motivation and fresh ideas that I bring to city council, things that could help the city grow in a direction that would be positive for the future."

Hicks has also made a commitment to launch an anti-meth marketing campaign if he's elected Ward 5's representative. His opponent, Rufus Duncan, Jr., would like to see economic improvement and business growth in the city.

Duncan runs a lumberyard hardware chain. He owns 47 stores across the state and has participated in numerous organizations and non-profit groups in East Texas.

"I think we have a very well-run city," said Duncan. "Our new mayor, city council, is all very high quality city council and I think they're doing an excellent job, so I'm running primarily to help support them [as they] do a better job."

Only 74 votes separated Hicks and Duncan in the May general election

Election day is Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Trout Primary School in Lufkin. Remember, only registered voters who live in Ward 5 can vote.