Are Politicians Using Christians?

By Larry Little

The Federal Marriage Amendment failed Wednesday in Washington, but the amendment and the purpose for it is still on the mind of some East Texans.

Radio host Dwyan Calvert is a registered East Texas voter. He's also a Christian. "It's always excited me to think that Christians would be involved in politics, because much of our judicial government and much of the systems which our government is based are of the Judeo-Christian system," says Dwyan Calvert.

Issues like same sex marriage have been a hot topic for Christian voters in East Texas. Reverend Dwyan Calvert says it's the only reason many of his listeners went to the polls, but he wonders if politicians are only using same sex platforms to get votes. "I think it may be possible if they are trying to appeal or get them interested in what they are doing, but I think it's what most of them believe," says Calvert.

"Politics and Christianity, they don't mix. Politics has it's place as does Christianity," says Pastor Chris Hulett.

Pastor Chris Hulett believes Christians should stand up for what is right, but she disagrees with politicians who use questionable methods to sway votes. "I wouldn't say that all politicians do that, but that is a big concern at the time of voting where the politicians go into the church to use the church," says Hulett.

These pastors hope Christian voters in East Texas examine the politicians, and avoid making choices based only on controversial issues. "When it's voting time I believe we should seek god, we should pray about the purpose of the politician," says Hulett.

"Try to find out what they did in the past before you vote for them just because they made some really nice sounding statements," says Calvert.