Eco Camp 2006 Ends

For more than a decade, Angelina County students have taken part in Eco Camp. Each year, Angelina Beautiful/Clean sponsors the week-long event.

Kids use art, music, and storytelling to learn about water conservation, litter prevention, and pond life. The theme of this year's camp was 'Frogs, Fish, and friends.'

Close to 40 students, 18 youth volunteers, and six teachers made the camp a fun learning experience.

Thomas Janes said, "I've been learning about frogs, the life cycle about frogs, recycling."

Kids at the camp are between the ages of five and eight. They're from all over Angelina County.

Jarrett Raley said he liked "doing hamster wheels and building landfills."

Eco Camp 2006 wraps up Thursday with a 'Pond Party' featuring the kids and a display of their work.