How To Get A Satellite Waiver

How To Get A Satellite Waiver

The Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act of 1999 (SHVIA) states that satellite companies have the option of providing local-into-local service. Viewers are encouraged to contact their satellite provider to determine when this service will be available in their market.

If a satellite company has elected not to carry local-into-local service, a satellite subscriber viewer may still obtain network programming. First, viewers should install a rooftop antenna. If this does not allow you to receive our local ABC programming, and you would like to receive ABC channels from your satellite or cable provider, you will need to submit a letter to KTRE requesting a wavier. This waiver allows you to purchase ABC stations from your Satellite/Cable provider(s). The letter should contain your name, address and phone number, along with specific physical directions to your home. It is necessary that the directions specify what main highway or road you are located near.

Once the letter is received, KTRE-TV then evaluates your location and other pertinent information to determine whether or not you qualify for the waiver. In the event a waiver is granted, we then mail an original and a copy of the waiver to you to forward on to the Satellite/Cable provider. If you do not qualify, we will mail you a letter stating this.

To send in a satellite waiver request, you may mail it to:

KTRE - Satellite Waivers
PO Box 729
Lufkin, Texas 75902-0729

or, you may e-mail it to: