East Texas Church Ministers at Brandon Park

by Larry Little

It looked like Christmas Saturday at Brandon Park as members of the Harmony Hill Church in Lufkin arrived with truck loads of items to give away to the community. "We just get together and once a month we just come out here and try to make a difference in this community. We heard some of the children don't eat except during school. So, during the weekend we wanted to come and offer them something on Saturday and have a bag and Pop-Tarts so they can feed themselves," says Mike Mcfarland.

Church members brought bottled water, can goods and shoes for the community, but the giving didn't stop there. The church ministry prepared food for the neighborhood.   "This is what Jesus wants us to do and be servants to these people," says Mcfarland.

Mike Mcfarland believes other East Texas churches should get involved to give the children something to do at Brandon Park and most of all make a positive impact in the community. "I think we have helped make a difference in this community and we are going to continue to do this," says Mcfarland.