AGE INTERVENTION EYELASH - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas


Short, thinning and missing eyelashes are one of the top patient concerns. This issue has been discussed in medical journals, and physicians have debated about possible remedies.

Age Intervention Eyelash is stunning new eyelash technology provided to you by Sandi at Dr. Polk and Dr. Davis's office, that gives you the lashes of your dreams. Longer, fuller, thicker, darker and noticeably lusher looking lashes. Initial results are visible as early as the first one to two weeks. By three weeks of evening use, the difference can actually be measured! At twelve weeks, testers couldn't believe their eyes.

Age Intervention Eyelash goes beyond lash extensions and delivers eyelashes that are truly remarkable. Regardless of how thin, sparse or short a user's eyelashes are, and even if sections of eyelashes are missing, Age Intervention Eyelash will help you achieve amazing looking eyelashes.

.23oz. mascara-style tube with eyeliner brush applicator
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