Hazmat Team Responds to Call

The Lufkin hazmat team responded to a call Wednesday morning, where an 18-wheeler had been leaking a flammable substance on the roadway.

Police say the driver was coming from Houston, when other drivers noticed the leak and called authorities. A Lufkin officer stopped the driver on Highway 59, near Daniel McCall Dr.

While traffic was directed to one lane, the hazmat team took proper precautions.

Lufkin Fire Chief Pete Prewitt said, "There was a small leak, not in the tank itself, in a holding area.  We're going to take the truck over to Love's Truck Stop, and we are going follow it with police and fire personnel.  There we will reassess the situation and if it needs to be offloaded, we'll contact their company.  Right now, it doesn't look like that is going to be necessary."

When they got to the truck stop, there were no more leaks and the driver was able to continue with his load to Shreveport.