Two Fires in Two Days

On Wednesday, the Huntington Volunteer Fire Department responded to a call in Zavalla. It was a fire from a couple of days ago that rekindled behind a residence.

Stephen Davidson, with the Huntington Volunteer Fire Department, said, "There's a lot of dead fuel down there that's burning really slow because of low humidity and low temperatures right now.  If it would have been later in the day it probably would have been worse."

Each fire a volunteer department responds to can be costly, even the short drive from Huntington to Zavalla.  That can be difficult on departments, especially, when some departments don't have a lot of money.

Davidson said, "It took between $25 to $30 in fuel, and if we damage any equipment , it has to be replaced, and that can be expensive.  We don't get much help in this."

Tuesday's fire in the small community of Weldon, near Lovelady, destroyed more than 250-acres of land, and it cost the forest service hundreds of dollars in employee time and equipment used.

And, firefighters know there will be many more fires in the coming months. Fire departments are wanting to residents to be aware of the dry conditions.

Mahlon Hammetter, with the Texas Forest Service, said, "Be aware that the conditions are drying out rapidly and you need to be careful with any outdoor fire use."