Workforce Solutions Hosted Job Fair

Workforce Solutions held its job fair Thursday in Lufkin. Hundreds of job seekers filled out applications and interviewed for positions at East Texas restaurants, corporations, and telemarketing companies.

Summer is the busiest time of year for employers looking for qualified workers. The fair attracted people from all over the East Texas area.

Betty Franks said, "I think it's been real helpful. I've filled out several applications here and right now, I'm just kind of looking for anything in area since there's not a lot of jobs in the medical area. It's been helpful as far as not having to go to a lot of different places."

Almost 30 area businesses took part in Thursday's job fair and more than 350 job seekers showed up.

Lufkin Industries talked to many prospective employees at the job fair. The company has already hired between 80 and 90 new workers over the past months. Now, Lufkin Industries is looking to add 40 more employees.

The workers are being hired for a variety of jobs, including professionals, oil field staff, foundry employees, and power transmission trailer workers.