Restaurant Report - Lufkin - 06/15/06

Church's Chicken in Lufkin got 11 demerits for needing food handlers certificates and a dirty shelf in the walk-in cooler. The restaurant also needed soap and towels at the hand sink and a proper soap dispenser.

Lifecheck Grill got ten demerits. Their demerits were for a dirty floor and shelf. The hand sink was not easily accessible and cups and boxes were being stored on the floor.

Taco Bell on South Timberland in Lufkin got eight demerits for a dirty storage space and boxes of to-go items being stored on the floor. There was also no hot water at the front hand sink.

Taco Bell on South First Street also got eight demerits. The reason: food handlers certificates were needed and dirty standing water was left in the walk-in cooler.

Congratulations to Snack Shack and Kentucky Fried Chicken in Angelina County for getting a perfect score of zero demerits.