Red Cross Kicked off 'Heroes Campaign'

The 2006 Heroes Campaign kicked off Friday in Lufkin. The two-month fundraiser is based on local donations from East Texas businesses and individuals to the American Red Cross.

A $1,000 donation makes you a 'Hero', but all contributions are welcome.

Glenna Harkness, American Red Cross Service Center Manager, said, "It's money that stays here locally for our organization to help clients and to provide services. We will send out letters to local businesses and individuals in just trying to get our fundraiser off the ground."

The Red Cross also kicked off a Blanket Drive for victims of local disasters and Hurricane Season 2006. Volunteers are collecting blankets, travel-size toiletries, and other items needed in any emergency.

The American Red Cross has a shelter operations training planned for Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at Denman Avenue Baptist Church in Lufkin.