Nacogdoches Goes Hollywood

It was lights, camera and action for some SFA film students Saturday afternoon, as they began making a movie. "It's about a kid that is schizophrenic. His father is a doctor who is trying to come up with medicine for his son and all people who are schizophrenic which is unethical," says Brad Maule.

The movie is based on a script written by students at SFA. "It's all done by the films students so they have a contest to see who writes the best script and then it's selected as a part of their classes it goes through revisions and rewrites," says Maule.

The script is then made into a movie with several different characters. "I play the lawyer. He doesn't have a name just the lawyer and I help a nurse get her job back after she was wrongfully fired," George Landrum.

"It's remarkable to work with them because they are all students but when see the quality of their work you will be amazed," says Maule.

Derrick Johnson wrote the winning script.