Meth Briefing

Melanie Richmond is concerned about a growing drug problem in East Texas. "Meth is a growing problem in this area and we are concerned about the children's welfare. Meth like any other drug it causes lots of problems for the family especially who are the innocent victims in all of this," says Richmond.

Richmond says she's seen the affects of meth first hand on East Texas families but the many still aren't educated about the dangers of the drug. "I'm finding, talking with people in the community they really don't know what meth is and what meth really does, so that's what I'm here to do is to educate the schools and community to let them know about the problem," says Richmond.

Saturday the Healing Helpers of Deep East Texas Coalition for the Drug Endangered Child held a community briefing at First Christian church in Nacogdoches to put a stop to meth use but more importantly protect children. "We just want to make sure people know the warning signs of people who are endanger, so we can stand in the gap for law enforcement and be able to tell people, so they can help these children before it gets out of hand," says Richmond.

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