High Speed Chase

Billy Gazaway was taken to the Angelina County Jail early Sunday morning after leading police on a high speed chase. "We had a report earlier in the night a subject had assaulted his girlfriend and he had taken his girlfriend's vehicle without permission. The vehicle was located on the loop and clocked at speed in excess of 95 mph," says Lt. Alton Lenderman.

It happened at 4:00 Sunday morning. Authorities chased Gazaway inside the Hudson city limits, spiking his tires several times. Gazaway continued to drive but lost control of the vehicle.

"A situation like this - [it] was, fortunately, very early in the morning, [and] there was no traffic - but it's really a very dangerous situation, because of the fact the guy wouldn't stop and was intoxicated and wouldn't stop and was driving on the wrong side of the road at an excessive speed, so it's a very dangerous situation," says Lt. Lenderman.

Though it was a dangerous situation, authorities realize it could have been worse. "Of course, we are lucky no one was hurt - including the suspect - and he was apprehended without any problems," says Lt. Lenderman.