Computer Backups

Backup generators keep the City of Nacogdoches computers running even during major power outages. During Hurricane Rita computers kept emergency workers on track. Another essential step is backing up stored data in good or bad weather. City Planner Aron Kulhavy said, "We back up our information nightly on a routine basis. Every third night everything is done."

This is now more important as the city introduces a state of the art software program. Kulhavy explained, "Those city servers have adequate backup measures in place for everything from power outages to...we even have tape backup in case of fire."

This is a smart move for any computer user says Omni Computers Peter Fernandez.    Fernandez reaches for a square component that fits in the palm of his hand. "This is a removable hardware cartridge that we use for backup." Fernandez uses a variety of backups in his own business, from ones you can buy over the counter to more elaborate removable hard drives. Fernandez demonstrated, "We pull it out, exchange it with another drive, make a copy and then we take it off site." And then there's the slower tape drive. Any one of these systems can allow you to protect your data. Others can be downloaded off the Internet.

It's important to maintain and test any computer backup system. Computer users sometimes discover backup systems have worn out or malfunctioned. Periodic checks keep you from losing too much data.

Fernandez advises that no computer is so important that you should put your own safety after a computer. "If it's a fire get out of the building. If you have something that you have an opportunity to plan for take the computer out would be a good idea for the hard drive."