Texas Students Renovate East Texas Homes

While many kids are spending their summer vacation traveling, watching TV or lying on the beach, members of the Junior High United Methodist Mission Project (JUMMP) are helping. The junior high school students are performing missionary work for Lufkin residents.

Sponsor Patrice Deaton said, "We actually have a lady here in town and our JUMMP coordinators who help us figure out who was on a need basis."

Viola Gilder has a bad case of arthritis, so she and her husband appreciate the work JUMMP students do. There's no way they could do it themselves.

"I don't have that money," Gilder said. "Me and my husband [are] both retired."

JUMMP will spend the rest of the week in Lufkin fixing up nine houses. They're doing everything from painting to landscaping to replacing screen doors. The work they're doing is worth thousands of dollars.

Student Jordan Ransom said, "I think it's just to help out neighborhoods; to show people really do care and our church will actually do stuff for free."

JUMMP goes to a different city every year. Some of the Lufkin homes getting a face lift this week are on Paul, Keltys, and Wilson streets.

More than 60 kids from three different churches in College Station, Beaumont, and Texas City are in the JUMMP program.