Mosquito Prevention Alert

Mosquitoes are the primary carrier of West Nile Virus, a virus that's found throughout Texas. So far no cases have been detected this year, but in East Texas cases usually show up in August.

Now is the time for people to think about prevention. Tommy Stanley Jr. thinks about it night and day.   For the City of Nacogdoches he routinely gets up at 2:30 in the morning to fog neighborhoods with mosquito foggers so adults and kids aren't pestered by the stinging insects.   Before going home at night Stanley loads up with another mosquito killer.   Stanley explained, "What it is is the larvicide. They look like little pellets." The mosquito baby killers are shot into standing water where mosquitos breed.   Stanley said, "The ditches on the trail, Lanana Creek Trail I try to get them after work. I treat that water before the larvae gets into an adult mosquito."

Cities across the Piney Woods and Gulf Coast follow similar procedures, but what would really help is if homeowners would do their part.   Environmental safety director Tommy Wheeler said, "If people would eliminate the breeding source on their property then we would cut down on 90 to 95% of the mosquito problem." Just by draining standing water from around your home can help control mosquito populations.   Wheeler knows, "Sprays are a temporary fix. It kills the adult mosquitos that are out at that time, but 30 minutes later mosquitos can hatch." A vicious cycle that Stanley and other environmental health departments attempt to break, but they could use some help.