Family Collects Money for Toddler's Funeral

Funeral services for a toddler accidentally killed last week in Nacogdoches were held Wednesday.

Two-year-old Ariayah Garner was playing in a yard and ran into the roadway from behind a parked car. The family did not have the money to pay for the child's funeral. Her relatives in Lufkin began collecting money to pay for her memorial service.

The Phillips Family set out a jar at a Lufkin business to help the child's family with their expenses. They turned in all the money to the Sid Roberts Funeral Home in Nacogdoches.

Ashley Phillips, Ariayah's cousin, said, "We went around to people that we knew and asked for donations, and even some people that we didn't even know - we asked them for donations also. They were willing to give the donations. All we were trying to do was help out because that's what we assumed that they needed, was help to bury the baby."

The Phillips Family collected almost $900 from the Lufkin community. They're thankful for every penny they collected.