Consolidated Communications Announces Lay-Offs

Forty Consolidated Communications employees will be out of a job by September 29th, but the Lufkin location will still be a major site for network engineering and outside plant engineering. Technology personnel, capital and expense budget management, and more than 50 technicians will keep their jobs in Lufkin.

Jim Watkins, Vice President of Field Operations, said, "The two impacted groups are our Customer Service group and our Repair group. There's 40 total positions in Lufkin that are affected. However, 14 positions will open in our Conroe office and it is our hope that some of our Lufkin employees will consider relocating, so that affect on jobs in Texas will be a reduction of 26."

Consolidated hopes combining its Customer Service and Repair organizations will make the company more efficient and effective. All laid off workers will get an exit package and can apply for other positions within the company. None of these employees were allowed to speak with the East Texas News.

"Our walk-in center, our Lufkin Communication Center, will obviously remain open to allow us to care for our customers face to face. Our customers will not see any change in the levels of service that we provide."

In 2004, Consolidated Communications bought TXU Communications for $527 million, including $3 million of TXU's debt.

Again, the Lufkin Communication Center will not be affected by the change and will remain open. More than 150 employees will continue working at that location.