Elderly Woman Assaulted During Burglary Attempt

Jimmy Hale, 70,  returns from the emergency room where his 68 year old wife is receiving stitches. "Can I get in there to get the wife some clothes," he politely asks detectives. He needs permission to enter as his own home as the couple's Hillview Street residence is now a crime scene. His wife's morning walk ended with a brutal attack. Hale described what his wife told him earlier. "When she came in there was man in the house with one of my rifles and pointed it at her and I don't know what all was said, but he wound up hitting her with the butt of the gun on the head and she talked him into leaving and she called 911."

This is the second time the Hale's have been burglarized. Tonight they wonder will it happen again. "The person probably didn't live in our neighborhood. He could have come from anywhere," said Hale who doesn't blame the neighborhood for the crime. You can just look at the Hale residence and conclude they take pride in their home. A garden and pretty flowers enhance their neighborhood. It's a neighborhood they fear may no longer be safe.

Just two hours after the crime neighbors were already changing their routines. Priscilla Ward lives across the street from the Hales. She loaded her two children in the van. "I usually take my kids walking around the neighborhood. Not anymore, so we're going to find a safer place now."

But police warn that crime can happen anywhere. Sgt. Greg Sowell said, "This type of crime anyone is subject to. An act of this sort knows no boundaries. It's an unfortunate situation and we're feverishly trying to investigate it."

The burglar is described as a black man approximately 5' 9", medium build, short hair and clean shaven. He was possibly wearing a dark pullover shirt and dark trousers or long shorts. If you have any information please call your local law enforcement agency or Crimestoppers at 560-info.

Detectives are taking castings of footprints and gather other useful evidence. More than what the Hales say they can do. "What do you do? Just be careful and watch, I guess. Carry a big stick," said Hale as he left to take his spouse some clean clothes.