Revitalizing Areas of Lufkin

North Raguet and Kurth Drive in Lufkin are high traffic areas.   Though those streets have lots of traffic, they fail to have the same economic impact as Timberland Drive.

Over the years, many businesses moved away, leaving old empty buildings.   That's something Lufkin Mayor Jack Gorden hopes will change. "I would like to see it become a more vibrant area where there is retail, where people can have access to goods and services in their own neighborhood and areas without having to drive long distances," says Mayor Jack Gorden.

Robert Pinkney and E. L. Brown are barbers at Brown's Barber Shop on Kurth Drive. They agree the area needs help. "Building up the area would help. We need everything on the other side of town over here," says Robert Pinkney.

Pinkney believes revitalizing the area would help businesses, but more importantly benefit the community. "It would help some, but it would be good in general for everybody over here in this area because you got a lot of old people over here. So that would benefit them and keep them from having to get on a trolley and catch rides all the way over town, " says Pinkney.

Mayor Gorden says the needed changes to the area won't happen overnight and it will take teamwork to complete.   "If we can make this part of our city better it's going to make the entire city better and if it needs attention we need to be trying to help, " says Mayor Gorden.

Mayor Gorden says the entrance to the city would need to be change to bring traffic from highway 69 through the Kurth Drive area.