Improving Downtown Lufkin

by Larry Little

New buildings are going up on the outskirts of Lufkin, but things are looking up in downtown, also.

Last week, Main Street Director Barbara Thompson met with a consultant to see how the downtown area can be improved and attract more people.   "One of the things he told us is way findings.  Way findings are signs on the different highways and through our business district to point people downtown. Those are some of the things we are doing to get started to point people into downtown," says Barbara Thompson.

Thompson says to attract people, the area needs to be more than just a business district. "We also want to start some type of nightlife downtown where the people can just have the freedom to come out and walk around," says Thompson.

Thompson says she's encouraged because business owners in Lufkin are leading the way by refurbishing old buildings.   Thompson says, most of all, she's really looking forward to preserving historic downtown Lufkin.