A Captain's Farewell

by Larry Little

Rueban Richardson drives to the Lufkin Salvation Army from Longview on Sunday for church services. He says he enjoys the leadership from the Maldanado's. "They were some very unique people and I could tell from their spirit they care about the people and they wanted to make a difference in the lives that they meet," says Rueban Richardson.

The drive Sunday was difficult for Rueban, because this Sunday was the last time Captain Maldanado led the Lufkin congregation.    "I feel sad about but I know god has called them to make a difference. They've done what they need to do here and now it's time for them to move on to a new location. I feel we will keep in touch. God has a way when we least expect it," says Richardson.

The Maldanado's will report to their new duties at the Waxachachie, Texas Salvation Army.  Captain Maldanado sang a special song for his congregation and for the community they leave behind. "Community of Lufkin we love you, we thank you and maybe in the future our paths can cross," says Captain Maldanado.

The new team will be welcomed to East Texas next Sunday.