Many Inmates Get Turned Over to Private Prisons

Members of the Idaho American Civil Liberties Union no longer want prisoners from their state sent to East Texas. Hundreds of them are in a private prison in Newton County. The inmates held a protest there about poor living conditions and alleged abuse.

There are no Idaho inmates in the Lufkin Detention Center, but many of the prisoners are from other counties outside of East Texas.

Housing out-of-town inmates brings in money for the county while easing jail overcrowding in other cities.

Warden Ken Stewart said, "The cost of not only paying for the building, but also to staff it and the daily operating cost, sometimes doesn't justify it when you only need maybe 50 beds, and so that's why a lot of jurisdictions will choose to put their prisoners with private facilities."

The Lufkin Detention Center now has 108 inmates from Fort Bend County.