Women Lead Police on a Multi-City Chase

Lufkin police noticed expired registration on a Ford Explorer Monday and pulled over the driver near Paul Street. Instead of cooperating with the officer, the woman and her passenger took off with police in pursuit.

Sgt. Bryan Holley of the Angelina County Sheriff's Office said, "Right now, we're just doing a complete inventory of the vehicle. We're not actually looking to confiscate anything at this time. We're just gonna see what's in the vehicle and maybe it has a lead of why they were actually running."

The driver gave police a fake name during the traffic stop. She's been tentatively identified as 28-year-old Kaven Michelle Readis. Several agencies were chasing them, but it wasn't until their vehicle hit spikes set out by Zavalla police when they finally stopped.

"The vehicle struck them," said Zavalla Police Chief, Bobby Epperly, Jr. "They managed to make it down the road about a half a mile before they went ahead and pulled over."

The entire chase lasted less than half an hour, but authorities know it could have been a lot worse. They have some advice for any one who gets pulled over.

"Don't run from the police," said Chief Epperly. "It's dangerous; people can get hurt. In this particular pursuit, everything turned out for the best. There was no injuries, nobody hurt, but it don't always turn out that way, so if the police are behind you, go ahead and stop."

Readis is in jail. Her passenger was also taken into custody, but not charged. Sheriff's deputies said they know who the passenger is because she's been in trouble with the law many times before. The women didn't cause any trouble during their arrest.

Authorities charged Kaven Readis with evading arrest with a vehicle, expired registration, and failure to identify.