Return To Learn

It's been eight years since 39 year old Penelope Jackson has thumbed through a college course catalog. "It was a challenge because at that time I was pregnant with my baby and I was tired working full time trying to take classes in Angelina [College]," explained Jackson.

But the idea of a college degree stayed with her. Now with a son in college and an 8 year old Penelope wants to learn more to earn more. "In my mind I was thinking I really needed to go back to school to get a better education so I could make more money. That's the name of the game." Penelope is now in SFA's new Return To Learn program, a special scholarship for non traditional students.

Admissions counselor Paul James said, "The scholarship amount would cover the tuition and fees for one class which is generally 3 hours and parking permits, so right now with the fall rates it looks like it's just over $600." But the value of an education is much more said admissions director Monique Cossich. "I think a university needs to reach out to all types of students and this one way we can reach out to the non traditional student and really give back to Nacogdoches and surrounding communities."

Penelope quickly learns how college classes can be worked in to work and home life. She's on her way to earning a nursing or business degree.