Recycling Center is Still Smoldering After Blaze

A compost pile that burned out of control at the Lufkin Recycling Center Monday is still smoldering.

Authorities believe a tub grinder is to blame for the fire. That grinder may have been hot enough to ignite the compost heap. No damage was done to the center, but the tub grinder was destroyed.

Firefighters had to lay a water line across the railroad track and stall railroad traffic until the fire was under control. Traffic on 819 and Southwood Drive was also blocked off while the fire burned.

Assistant City Manager Kenneth Williams said, "The wind made it more difficult, but luckily, the wind was blowing from the north which kind of blew it away from the property, from buildings, and other equipment, so we were fortunate."

Firefighters and city employees are monitoring the scene. They want the fire to burn out on its own.