Leave The Flip Flops Home

The summer school dress at Nacogdoches High School represents what NHS teenagers are accustomed to wearing to school. You find untucked shirts, flip flops and baggy shorts. Comfortable, but something that won't be tolerated in the fall.   The new high school principal, Dennis Williams explained, "That goes back to my approach to be fair, firm and friendly and that way we have a proactive approach to being safe."

The dress code will fall right in line with what Williams introduced at McMichael Middle School where he was principal last year. Sixth through eighth graders wear t-shirts, but they know to have them tucked in. Flip flops are not allowed and caps come off on school property.   Williams said in a no nonsense tone, "It goes back to safety and that's non-negotiable with me."

This may be the beginning of what interim superintendent David Sharp would like to see. In Lufkin he introduced collared shirts and kaki pants. Principals are reviewing the idea now. Mike Moses Middle School Principal Steve Green said, "We're at the point now where we need to bring in parents and look at it. Not saying we will or won't but we are going to get the input of the community before we make any final decision on that."

No matter what is adopted there will be students who object to the idea or simply just give in.   A 9th grade recalled, "People were always getting in trouble because they always untucked their shirts." Another said, "I guess if we're forced to, we'll have to."