Net Neutrality

What you are looking at right now is something new for KTRE, something we will be doing from time to time when we feel compelled to speak out about some topic, any topic, that could affect our viewers or all of East Texas.  You may agree or disagree with our position, but either way is good because most of all we want to get people thinking. Some topics will be straight from the headlines.  Others will be issues of importance that affect our lives but always seem to sneak in under the radar, and the average citizen may not be aware of these until it is too late.  Shedding light on these topics is one of our goals.

For instance, how many of you are aware of the issue of net neutrality that is currently being debated in congress?  Since its inception, the internet has been a new frontier of entrepreneurial freedom.  It has become a ready source for information, commerce, and entertainment.  But don't take the status quo for granted.  There are web access providers who wish to assert more control over the internet.  Because of their position as network operators they would be able to control your free access to the web based on ability to pay.  Some of your favorite sites may disappear.  The quality of service may diminish.

Once again congress is deciding on legislation that will either protect the consumer or protect the companies that wish to increase their profits at the consumer's expense.

What can you do?  Investigate.  Contact your representatives and find out where they stand on net neutrality. But don't assume the internet will always be as free and open as it is now.