East Texas Woman Convicted of Elder Abuse

Angelina County jurors found Sharon Boulware guilty of two counts of 'injury to the elderly.' Several people who trusted her to take care of their aging loved ones testified about the poor treatment they received during their stay in Boulware's home.

The case against Boulware centered around her care of two patients. Raymond Davis died from a bacterial infection just one hour after leaving Boulware's residence.

Jewel Russell recovered from severe bedsores that left her in the hospital for nearly a week. She lived another three years.

During the punishment phase of the trial, Boulware's ex-boyfriend told jurors she often yelled at her elderly residents, especially the ones who couldn't fight back. He said he even saw her use bed sheets to tie them to chairs when they did something that made her mad.

One of Boulware's former employees also took the stand. James Lyle testified Boulware never treated any of the patients with respect or compassion. He said she cursed at them regularly.

The patients who lived with Boulware in her Huntington home were either removed from her care by their relatives or died shortly after leaving the residence.

Jurors are expected to decide Boulware's sentence Friday morning. She could get up to life in prison.