Chino, The Drug Sniffing Dog

NISD Police Officer Johnwayne Valdez has a new partner.   "My new partner's name is Chino. He's a German Shepherd from Czech Republic."

They've known each other for just a few weeks, but Valdez is already referring to himself as Chino's "dad". They are together 24-7. The bond between a veteran police officer and a 19 month old rookie is developing quickly. Valdez explained, "He's young. He's about as green as you can get, but we're learning each other. He knows his job. I have to learn his."

Beginning with the language. "All of his commands are in Czech, so I had to learn his language," said Valdez. He's learned about 30 commands, but uses only about half frequently. "He is handler protection trained which means if somebody attacks me or attacks him then he will act accordingly. I can get him off very quickly. He does respond to those command quickly."

Chino learned basic commands in his native country. Then he transferred to Oklahoma for 8 months of vigorous narcotic detection training. "This is probably the best deterrent that we can find. I hope we don't find any. Realistically we probably will."

Chino has a serious job during a time, but he knows it can't be all work and no play. His reward for good work is to chase a red rubber ball. Valdez grinned, "He would be perfectly content as long as he has that ball in his mouth."