Fireworks Safety

by Larry Little

No matter where you go in East Texas,you can find fireworks stands lining the highways.   Many East Texans are flocking to O. T. Allen's fireworks stand preparing for the 4th of July. "Artillery shells are real popular. People who just want to be lazy just come and get an assortment pack, that way you don't miss out on too much," says Allen.

Allen believes fireworks bring the holiday to life for many East Texans, but weather conditions are very dry and East Texas firefighters hope folks will use caution with fireworks.   "At this time it is relatively dry conditions so if you are going to use fireworks be conscious of and observant for small fires that could start from the fireworks," says Lufkin Fire Marshal Duane Freeman .

Fireworks come with warning labels but it's not enough for some people, so O. T. Allen is doing more than selling fireworks. He takes time to encourage safety to prevent fires and injuries. "We always just push parental guidance to just be safe. Use common sense don't hold a fire cracker in your hand. You holding an explosive in your hand with a fire cracker so basically just be careful," says Allen.

Fireworks are banned in the Lufkin and Nacogdoches city limits.