Empowerment Conference Held in Lufkin

Dozens of East Texans are now better informed about empowering their communities.   Several area agencies partnered for an Empowerment Conference Friday in Lufkin.

Panelists addressed several issues to help local leaders build stronger neighborhoods.

The latest information on Hurricane Rita recovery, housing assistance, grant writing, and financial literacy were provided.

Edward Pringle, PhD, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Field Office Director, said, "A cohesive team brings greater support for the citizens, and as you know, we've been devastated here in the past several months with the two hurricanes that came - Hurricane Katrina and Rita - and many of our citizens were affected by that; some directly, some indirectly, so support is what they're looking at."

Involvement in youth programs, meeting unmet needs, and emergency home repair were also part of the conference.