Authorities are on the Lookout for Reckless Motorists

Speeding, drunk driving, and seatbelt violations are the top three reasons East Texas motorists are ticketed on the highway. Almost all holidays bring out drunk drivers, but most traffic fatalities happen around the Fourth of July.

Trooper Greg Sanches said, "Fourth of July; it's a summer holiday for the most part. It's usually good weather, and so you have a lot of people going to the lakes, going to the parks; you'll have a lot of parties going on, you have vacation, people that are traveling up and down the roadways."

Highway troopers are always watching for unsafe drivers, but a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation means even more of them will be on the lookout for reckless motorists this holiday weekend. The extra patrols are part of the C.A.R.E. program.

"Combined Accident Reduction Effort and it's an effort that is designed throughout the state - and even other states do it - that is just to help reduce those accidents on the roadways."

Authorities aren't trying to rain on anyone's parade or take away the fun and festivities, they simply want safety to be at the top of everyone's list this holiday weekend.

The DPS and Lufkin Police Department will be taking part in the S.T.E.P. starting July 1st. The Selective Traffic Enforcement Program is a joint effort that puts more officers on the street during the heavily traveled first week in July.