Tito Says Goodbye

The going away receptions created bittersweet moments for Dr Tito Guerrero and his wife Lupe. Goodbyes aren't always easy.   "That's the way things happen. Everything eventually comes to an end," said Guerrero to one of many faculty members who expressed regrets that he was leaving.

The Guerreros resigned following a strained relationship that developed over time with the board of regents. None of them attended the morning reception which didn't go unnoticed by many in the room. Nevertheless Guerrero gave credit to those he closely worked with."The thing we have to emphasize that all of the things that have happened here occurred because of numerous individuals lots of people have come together and worked as a team," said Guerrero.

Part of that team was the SFA Faculty Senate that presented Guerrrero with a resolution read by Dr. Brian Oswald. "Therefore be it resolved that the faculty senate of Stephen F. Austin State University offer Dr. Tito Guerrero our sincere thanks for his outstanding service to the entire SFA community and wishes him the very best in his future endeavors. And personally I want to thank you very much for working with you."

Guerrero will soon have a new team. All he's sharing is that paths will cross again as he's staying in higher education and Texas. "I do have another place to go to but my employer has asked that they be the ones to make the announcement, so we'll have to wait until they do."

There's lots of speculation where Guerrero next home will be. Some think its his alma mater of Texas A & M. Wherever it may be he'll never have regrets for the leadership he provided SFA for five years.