Boulware's Stepdaughter Speaks on Trial

by Larry Little

It was a very difficult week for family members who hat to sit in the courthouse and listen to some of the horrors they say their family members had to experience. They were not happy with the sentence Ms. Boulware received, but they are please she will have to pay for her crimes.

Janice Ross says she would tell Sharon Boulware, "You finally got what you deserved. God does answer prayers and you don't get by with treating people like you've treated them."

Janice Ross spoke with East Texas news by phone. She told us she knows Sharon Boulware very well. Boulware is her stepmother, but she first met Sharon Boulware when she was caring for her elderly mother. Ross lives in Ft. Worth, but she followed the trial closely this week. She's pleased Sharon Boulware will spend time in jail.   "I'd like to have seen her got life for what she put my mother through and what she did to my dad the way she turned him against me. In fact when my mother was carried to the hospital from her house the Department of Human Resources came and checked mother who had been neglected. My mother died in the hospital after she left her house," says Ross.

Authorities say before you trust someone with the care of your loved ones, you should check them out, even if they are a legitimate health care service.