Lack of Funding at State Parks

Many people spent the 4th of July weekend at parks in East Texas. Trey Presler manages a Marina Shop on Lake Sam Rayburn. He enjoys watching visitors to his park escape from everyday life.

"It's peaceful, it's quiet. It's not too far from town but it far enough that some people cell phones don't work. You can come out here and take it easy. Lot of nice people out here," says Trey Presler.

In the future folks may not be able to enjoy a holidays or weekend at the state parks because of a lack of funding.   Some parks have already made cutbacks. They are open only three days a week. "Our state parks are in real bad shape right now because of the 23 percent cuts made over the last three legislative sessions," says John Parker.

John Parker is Commissioner of Texas Parks and Wildlife in East Texas. Parker says the lack of funding is challenging and he's had to make adjustments. "We have been saving lawn mowers and tractors. We are running out of space, so we can keep parts off of the old equipment that are totally worn out and see if we can figure out how to use those old parts," says Parker.

For now several state parks in East Texas will continue to operate only three days a week with a smaller staff to save money. It's the only way to try and keep the gates at some of these parks from being closed for good.