Congressman Gohmert Visits Lockheed Martin

U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert said he's impressed with Lockheed Martin's hit-to-kill interceptor, the Patriot Advanced Capability missile, or the PAC-3. It's the world's most advanced, capable, and powerful air defense missile.

Gohmert said, "With the emphasis that everybody's had on protecting against a nut like Kim Jong-il and North Korea this week, it just means this kind of technology is even that much more important. This could save a city sometime in the not-so-distant future.'

The PAC-3 missile defeats incoming targets by direct, body to body impact. It's just one of several new projects in the works at Lockheed Martin.

Glenn Woods, Lockheed Site Manager, said, "We are producing missiles that are being delivered for current combat situations and we're looking at different variants to increase our capability, and looking at other missile programs and ground support programs that would add jobs and employment to East Texas."

While the government is keeping a close eye on international issues, Congressman Gohmert said no one can forget about the problems at the effects high gas prices are having on East Texans.

"It's been disturbing for me that we didn't have an energy policy, anything that was actually passed through Congress, until last year," said Gohmert. "I believe it was in July we passed the first energy bill to try to help relieve some things, and then just last week we finally got a bill passed to allow drilling in the outer continental shelf.'

Congress also passed a bill to build new refineries in America. That, along with taking advantage of alternative energy sources, should help drop prices at the pump. Gohmert said East Texans shouldn't expect immediate relief, but lower gas prices are on the way.

PAC-3 missiles were a hundred percent effective in Operation Iraqi Freedom. They are now deployed with U.S. Forces around the world.