Residents are Sick and Tired of Being Associated with Meth

The East Texas News team has been keeping a close eye on the renovation of a former drug house in Lufkin, but the folks who live in the Four Seasons subdivision are sick and tired of their community being associated with meth.

Many of the people who live in that neighborhood are elderly and they believe they're getting a bad rap because of their former neighbors' dirty little secret.

A lot of the Four Seasons residents have lived there for many years. Most of them were shocked and disturbed when they found out drugs were in their quiet, clean, upscale neighborhood.

Shirley Ibarra said, "You never know where this problem is; it can be right next door to you. In fact, I live like two or three houses down; never had a clue it was going on and I'm just glad that they took care of the problem and they're out of here and that's great."

The folks who live on August Lane hope the message is clear to drug dealers: drugs are not welcome in their neighborhood, but they said the home renovation project is getting way too much attention - attention that's not good for their community.

Henry McCullough said, "We would like to see it just kind of go away. We don't like all of the attention about the drug house, but it will be a very nice house when they finish with it."

And that's probably the only good that's come out of the drug house. What was once filthy and full of drug activity, will soon be a fully renovated home and a fresh start for its new owners.

"We didn't know we were associated with those drugs until it was all over with," McCullough said. "We really didn't know who lived there, but we did know there was a lot of cars parked in the yard, but we didn't have any idea it was a drug house."

McCullough and his neighbors still can't believe meth was there, but Four Seasons residents now know drugs don't discriminate against race, class or socioeconomic status. The home renovation project has put their community in the spotlight, but they're hoping that light will soon fade away.

Forty percent of residents in the Four Seasons subdivision are senior citizens. Many of them are active members of the neighborhood association. After a brief absence, the group will once again start hosting meetings for the people who live in that area.