Somebody's Gotta Do It: Food services employee

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Eating hospital food might not be your ideal dining experience, but some patients at a local hospital can't wait for food service to arrive.  Granted, it probably has more to do with the person delivering the food than the food itself.

Eddie Loyd is the type of employee any business would want.  He arrives on the job with a positive attitude and ready to work.  Eddie works in food services.  His job is to prepare the food trays and deliver them to the patient's room.  On this day we found Eddie preparing a diet for a regular patient. "A regular tray has roast, baked potatoes, carrots, salad, tea, mousse pudding, condiments with sour cream and butter and ranch dressing.  Also, we take it up to the patient's room."

Sherrie Herring speaks highly of Eddie.  She says his sunny personality and concern for others is always a bright spot in her day. "I always wait for that door to open to see if it's him or one of the other cafeteria people.  He always brings a smile," says Herring.

Eddie has developed his own personal ministry for the people on his food route.  He manages to take a little time with each patient--hoping to lift their spirits.  He's been making the rounds at Woodland Heights Medical Center for two and a half years.  He makes a lot of friends and builds a lot of memories.  "Well, when some of my patients pass away, that's the worst because I get too attached to them."

"He had a lady he'd given a stuffed animal to, she named him after him.  They also put the stuffed animal in the coffin with her.  We thought that was so nice and the family just loved Eddie.  We get so much positive feedback on him all the time," says LaTonya Austin, Food Services Supervisor.  Austin says she wishes she worked with more people with Eddie's good attitude and work ethic.

The dish room is another side of Eddie's job.  Imagine what it's like to be in a small room with hundreds of dirty trays coming through to be emptied and washed.  The dish room is one of the hardest jobs in food services.  It is physically and mentally demanding and it has the highest rate of employee turnover.  "The type of advice I would give them...I want them to have the attitude like whatever kind of problem you're having, leave it at the house.  Come here with an attitude that you want to work because patients don't ask to be here."

By the way, Eddie also works in the produce section at the local H-E-B.  He says he gets his good attitude and strong work ethic from his mother who works at Memorial Health System.

Food Services Employee, Somebody's Got To Do It.

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